Honeymoon Recap

Finally I am getting around to recap our honeymoon! We had the best time. We traveled to Cocoa Beach, Florida the day after we got married. We were so exhausted from all the wedding festivities that when we woke up the next morning we almost didn't leave! We finally packed up and headed out. Note to all future brides: you are going to be EXHAUSTED on your honeymoon. Months and months of non-stop planning finally catches up to you and literally all we did was sleep!

We knew that we wanted to get out just a little bit on our trip- but we didn't want to plan too much because we wanted to relax. We did just that. Our goal on our trip was to try as many local eateries as we could while we were there. I think we were pretty successful. We did get to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure while we were there. It was SO much fun. We bought the express passes and literally walked right on to every ride. Totally worth the extra money. We ate lunch at the Circus McGurcus Cafe, which was fantastic. I LOVE Dr. Seuss land- so I was thrilled! The rest of the trip was spent eating, exploring the beach, shopping and sleeping! We had the honeymoon of our dreams!  

Started off at Sunset Grille- AMAZING!

My Hubby! 

Gregory's Steakhouse- first time eating a baseball cut steak, it did NOT disappoint. 

Barrier Jack's- so good we went back again for the same dish!

Millikens Reef- DELISH.

Yum, yum.

Yen Yen's- best thing since sliced bread. 

Cocoa Beach! 



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