Bridal Luncheon Recap

Before we begin- I decided this 'ole blog needed a little cleaning up. New look- new name. It is still a work in progress but so far, I am diggin' it.

Today I wanted to recap the bridesmaids luncheon. I knew early in the planning process that I wanted to make sure that there was time to spend relaxing with the girls. I wanted to be able to pass out gifts, and let them take their time opening them. I wanted something special to do for them- after all the wonderful things they did for me during the year. I decided to host a bridesmaid luncheon for them at Clarks Seafood and Chop House in Little River. It was nice and calm that morning- we got to eat on the back deck and watch the sun rise over the water. I got to share a little bit about the women that helped throughout the process and then I passed out gifts. I gifted each girl with a monogrammed red zip up jacket to wear while we were getting ready, a red and white monogrammed tote bag, a personalized hanger for their dress, and some really pretty teardrop earrings to wear on the wedding day. I think they all enjoyed their gifts. I gifted the flower girls with monogrammed diaper covers (for the two babies) candy cane striped head bands for the wedding, and sweaters to wear over their dresses. Sam gifted his groomsmen and ushers with candy cane striped ties. See the pattern here? Ha! I really hoped the girls enjoyed their time at the luncheon- it will always be the perfect start of a weekend I will never forget!

The table
Bridesmaid Gifts!
My mothers!
Some of my favorite women!
Love these two!
Opening Gifts!
Sweet, sweet baby girls.



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