Bridesmaid Series: Jenn

I know, it's been a while. Please excuse me. With lots of baby showers, and starting another semester of school- it's been pretty crazy life I've been living the past two weeks. But I'm back on track. Introducing another bridesmaid- Jenn. Jennifer is my brothers wife. I have to say Jenn and I are more like actual sisters and sister-in-law's with one another. We pick, we bicker, but I still love her. Hopefully she still loves me too. :) It's so nice having another girl D'Agnese around too. I am so excited that she is going to be apart of mine and Sam's special day.

Jenn is brutally honest. I know if I really need an opinion on something- I ask her. She's not afraid to hurt my feelings. She tells me exactly what she's thinking. We all need one of those friends. I think she has adjusted to  the family well. I am excited to have her, my brother, Asher and Lilly in our wedding. It means a lot that I have someone that I can call at anytime of the day- and they would come running if I need them to. How she puts up with Bob is beyond me, but she does it very well. As a newlywed woman herself, I know I can come to her with the hard questions and she will willingly give me the honest answer. I cherish our friendship. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful sisters by marriage and even more blessed that they've all become three of my best friends. Love you Jenn! 




  1. I really like how you're taking time to honor each of your bridesmaids. :) Such a sweet sentiment!



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