Happy New Year!

It's 2013, whoa. As I sit here and reflect on the year I can't help but to feel extremely blessed. I've grown a year older, gained a fiancee, finished yet another semester of college, have a good job (or three) two wonderful families that I get to spend time with, and TWO nieces that will be here soon!  My cup is really overflowing. I wanted to make some new year resolutions that are meaningful- and one's I can stick to throughout the year. So here is my list for this year:

1. Before getting on any social media when I wake up, spend time reading my word and worshiping my Lord and Savior. It's about a relationship.

2. Preparing my heart for becoming a wife.

3. Learning to be more open with my feelings and learning to be more subservient.

4. Finish Sacred Marriage.

5. Finish My So Called Life as a Proverbs 31 wife.

6. Learning how to transition from a daughter to a wife, and realizing my soon-to-be husband is the most important now.

7. Spend more time loving on my parents.

8. Make lots of time for my sweet nieces!

9. Start eating a little bit healthier. I've got a dress to fit in.

10. Remembering to trust God, whole heartily, because he is always in control.

I am so excited for this year to come, and I ask that God place his hand over everything throughout this year. 2013- here we come.



Have a blessed New Year!



  1. Looks like some great resolutions. Heres to a wonderful 2013!
    -Lovely Nina


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