Bridesmaid Series: Danette

Sorry for the lack of consistency- being a working college student while trying to plan a wedding doesn't leave me much free time. Today is another bridesmaid post as you can see. Danette is not only my cousin- she is more like my big sister. Her boys are like my little brothers. You see, I am their nanny. I started watching them when I was in seventh grade about four nights a week. One of the biggest struggles I have had during this transitioning process is the fact that I might be able to watch them for much longer, which breaks my heart. If I had it my way- I would be their babysitter until they moved out. Guess life doesn't work that way. Anyways- being that I practically live at their house March-October, Danette and I are really close. I've looked up to her all my life. She's the other "princess" in the family. We're pretty much the same person.

I could probably go on and on about our relationship for the sake of a great blog post- but that would just bring me to tears. She is always there for me, she's my go-to fashionista, my hair and make-up guru, and one of my best friends. My wedding wouldn't be the same if she wasn't by my side- powdering my nose and lining my lips with every one of her pink lip glosses. She means the world to me and I am so blessed to have her as a part in our big day. Love you, Danettie! 




  1. Such great post ideas! I love how sweet of a friendship you girls have :) Good luck with all of the wedding planning!!


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