Bridesmaid Series: Laura

Funny story about Laura and I. I knew Laura way before I knew Sam. Actually, she was Miss. Libero, then Coach Hickman to me. That's right, she was my teacher in seventh grade, I was her first student teaching class if I remember correctly. Then she taught me how to do a standing back hand spring in eighth grade for cheer leading tryouts. To later become one of my coaches and pick me up after forgetting how to do that said back hand spring and face planting the mat. But that's a different story.

Never in a million years would I have believed you if you told me I was going to marry her brother-in-law at the time. God sure did know what he was doing. She was my saving grace the day I first met The Hickman clan. I was so nervous. It was the first time I was hanging out with them, and we were going on a four hour dive to watch the Crusaders play. She sent me little text's through out the ride checking on me, sat by me during the game and talked to me the whole time, and even surprised me with a NGU t-shirt before we left. The whole family made me feel like I was already apart of the family, but its always easier when you know someone else in the group, other than the person you're with. If that makes any sense.

She quickly became not only one of my good friends but also more of a sister. Sam and her husband Will are very alike in their sense of humor, so she understands the humiliation I face sometimes when Sam cracks a joke. She has already been so helpful in the wedding planning process checking on me, sending me helpful information, and reminding me that the wedding itself only lasts a day and it's the marriage that is most important. I appreciate everything Laura and Will have done for Sam and I and I am so excited to have her and Sara as my sister-in-law's.

Love you, Laura!



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