Action packed weekend..

So I am officially the worst blogger ever. I have been so crazy busy the last few days and I haven't had time to sit at the computer at all. We had dinner with Sara, her family, and the Hickman's on Friday night, two Wedding Showers for Brett and Sara on Saturday, and today I had church, my sweet little Ruby-Anna's dance recital, and a longgggg nap to catch up on some sleep about an hour ago. Gah lee am I pooped, but it was all a blast. My camera took a swim a couple weeks ago and decided to stop taking clear pictures, so I'll have to snag some from Sara again until mine is fixed or replaced. (I hope you don't mind, Sara!) I will be sending mine back pronto.
Friday night we all went to Sharky's to eat, unfortunately Laura and Will had to leave us early, but they went to make some awesome music so that's alright. We got to meet Sara's family and they are just as sweet as she is. I think I had a little competition with her grandma, Sam just loved her to pieces. She was so nice.

Sharkey's was so yummy.

Saturday we celebrated Brett and Sara, and had some good times. We went to a tailgating themed shower for them at lunch time. I couldn't have thought of a better idea for those two. It was perfectly decorated with all things colleges. Then Saturday night they had a party at Lake Waccamaw. Both were so, so beautiful.

Only a few more weeks and these two beautiful people will be hitched!

Love them all.

Silly boyfriend.

The ladies with Mrs. Gail. Those boys have a great mama.

And just as great of a dad. This is where they all get their studly looks from.

A normal one. I love this crazy boy.

This might be my favorite. I know these two will be able to give me some good tips in the future. The whole Hickman family has just accepted me with open arms from day one. I think I could go on forever, like I have before in some of my other posts ,but each time we get together they show me more and more what the true definition of a family is. I have an awesome family and then to meet another family that treats me like mine do, I feel so blessed. Mrs. Gail and Mr. Yogi, Laura and Will, and Brett and Sara all have wonderful relationships, I hope Sam and I really learn a thing or two from them and can carry it with us throughout ours. The happy couple was showered with love and some sweet gifts all day, and I am excited I got to be a little part in the memories.

Here are a few pictures I did get on my phone:

Present time!

That would be the Big Bear, Wee Cub, and Little Bear...acting well, like themselves.

Today I went into full "dance mom" mode with my little cousin. Hair, make-up, and costumes. I always hung out with my moms baby sister, Amanda (Aunt Mandy) growing up, and it has been just the same with her daughter and I. She has been like a second mom to me, a best friend, an Aunt, and a sister all in one. I hope I can be like that with Ruby. She did two numbers in her recital today, Putting on my Tutu, and Shake Senora. I cried both times, I'm not even going to lie. I took her to her dance classes some this year so I was doing the routine in my head, not breathing every time she stepped on stage. She was a natural and ate the crowed up! She did so well.

Before her ballet dance.

Before Tap. Boy oh boy did she "shake senora" I was so proud.

I love this picture of her putting in her earrings, I love her so good.

Us trying to ease those nervous jitters.

It was a fabulous weekend with great people. Now I am going to pour me a cup of coffee and download another book. Hope you have a good night!



  1. These pictures are SO cute! and I want each one of your outfits in my closet!!! haha

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! Love your white pants!!!!

  3. In love with your maxi dress!! She is a doll baby!!

  4. I love all your pictures, they are so cute!!

    I followed your blog, please follow back :-)

  5. You and your boy are so CUTE together! And "worst blogger ever" made me know I take the cake for that one! Love your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much, he is a nut! And that is totally alright! haha. :) I love your blog too!

  6. I love these photos : ) Such a pretty bunch of people! Love your bright top also!


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