Cool, a flood...

What a day. Whew. My car finally got fixed today, yay. No more riding around in silence. The radio and cd player is practically brand new. Thanks Mom and Dad for driving it an hour to and from to get fixed, y'all rock. It has been an interesting day. Sam leaves for the weekend to go work the ECU regional games in Chapel Hill, although I know he is excited I am rather bummed. I have the first Saturday night off (without any prior plans) I have had in forever, and he is gone. Hey, that's alright. I'll have my kindle to keep me company. I put my gift for the Blogger Swap that I did in the mail today, I can't wait for my partner to receive it. I hope she loves it, and hopefully I'll get to talk to her soon! If you're reading this and you happen to be my partner as well (I'm so not sure how this whole thing works) I hope you enjoy! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as it is confirmed that she has seen it first.

In other exciting news, my water hose decided to have a minor freak out and flooded the neighborhood yard today while I was doing laundry. I was on my way out the door, with just enough time allotted to get to work by 3, and I notice the river running through my driveway. Oh joy. The base switch is located under the house, and apparently the nozzle that has been turning the hose on and off broke and blew I had no way of containing the water. So that meant I had to climb UNDER the house since I was the small one, with only God knows what other creepy crawlers that have made their home beneath our porch, and turn it off while the hose was spraying all over Sam and everything else. All we could do was laugh after the frustration had subsided, and pray to the good Lord that one of our dads will be available if anything breaks in the future at our own house.

So this was my yard:

Okay, so not really. But it sure did feel like this.

 I have to give a big shout out to the boyfriend for keeping me sane this week during my chaos. I know I can be extremely difficult, and he puts up with me everyday. I will be forever appreciative of your patience Sammy, I love you dearly. Thanks for being there for me.

This time next week I will be packing for a girls weekend in Raleigh with my best friend and I could NOT be more excited. I can hardly stand it. There might be a countdown going on until then, but don't worry, I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I return. Does anyone else love concerts like I do? I used to hate them with a passion, but now I am kind of obsessed.

Here are some songs I will be eager to hear:

Lady A- Heart of the World

Dierks Bentley- 5150

What are your current song/band obsessions?




  1. HI there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and becoming a follower! Yours is so cute! So glad you got the leaky hose situation under control!! and yay for summer concerts!! Have fun!


    1. Thank you for stopping by mine! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Hi swap partner! :)
    I got your package in the mail today! I LOVE it all!! Yours should be there soon. I mailed it yesterday, so look for it the first of the week! Can't wait for you to get it!
    xo, Sarah

    1. I am SO glad you liked it! I was nervous!

      I am looking forward to mine. :) Have a great Sunday,



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