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I'm back! Hope everybody has had an awesome week. School is officially out for the summer and I could not be any more excited. This week has been crazy busy, but so much fun. As you know on Thursday we left for Greenville to watch my boyfriend graduate from East Carolina University. I cannot possibly express to you how proud I am of him. We met at the beginning of his last year there, and just in this year alone I have watched him work so hard, balance class, a billion papers, and work all beautifully. I could go on and on but I won't. He is amazing, and I can't wait to see what God has next for him. Whatever it is, he will rock it, no doubt. I rode up with his parents, and we grabbed a quick delicious steak dinner, and then met up with his older brother and his wife, Will and Laura. Friday morning we all headed out early to watch the big ceremony at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium where we met up with Sam's middle brother and his soon to be wife, Brett and Sara. His family is amazing. We all went and ate Parker's BBQ for lunch, which is probably a sin since my parents are also in the BBQ business, but oh well, it was fabulous. We shared many laughs (usually at Sam, that nut) and just had a blast. The most fun I have had in a while. We then went and watched his department ceremony and took a few more pictures. I'll share with you some of them but first I have to show you the rest of his grad present! I had no idea what to get for him, since I already gave him his big gifts for his birthday 2 weeks ago. I wanted to give him something special since it was his big day. I already did the picture frame collage for Christmas, and a shadow box for Valentines day so I was kind of out of ideas. Thanks to pinterest I came up with this:

Mod Podge Collage:

Such a super simple, and cute gift. All you need is Mod Podge- glossy sealer/glue, paint pens, a canvas any size you want, pictures, scissors, ribbon, a wire hanger and some beads.

Cut the pictures out how you want them, glue them down on the canvas with the sealer, then paint over it with the sealer. Let it dry, then you can decorate the sides of the canvas with the paint pens. Wrap the wire hanger around a broom a few times, slide the beads on, and hot glue it to the back. Add the ribbon to it, and a cute note on the back and you're done! Easy as that, and you can find all the materials at Wal-Mart. Cool, huh?

Any who-- here are some pictures that Sara and I took.

My college graduate, Samuel Eli Hickman. What a stud.

His sweet parents, Mr. Yogi and Mrs. Gail.

Sara and I, just missing Laura. Will and Brett are two very lucky guys.
You can find Sara over at Simply Sara.

 My favorite of the day... looks very familiar...

Oh that's right..  kind of like this one from Christmas.. I love you Sam! :)

Brett, his lovely fiance Sara, me, Sam, Will, and his stunning wife Laura. We're all so proud of you Sammy.

Finally, a normal one. :)

What a great time. Only 3 more years and we can do it again at mine!
I hope everyone has a great Saturday!



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  2. You are the sweetest!! Can't wait to officially be a Hickman in 39 days!!! AHHHHH :)


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