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Hi y'all! Happy Friday, and a big shout out to my few new followers, I am so excited you ladies stopped by.

It was a action packed Thursday, so instead of my usual link up, I will just catch you up:

For starters, I got a Kindle Fire from my awesome parents. I had been looking into them because I have recently found myself turning into a little book worm and the books on that thing are way cheaper than buying the hard copy and it would save some of my hard earned cash in the long run. So when I woke up, my parents said they wanted to go get me one for working so hard and we hopped right in the car and made our way to Office Depot. Again I say, amazing parents.

Boom. I can't wait to finish The Hunger Games so I can start reading on this thing. Does anyone recommend some great books to download? I would love to hear about them!

After what felt like Christmas morning, I loaded up Jay yes I named my Jetta, picked up Sam and Blair and headed to the beach. We were out there for about an hour when we met up with our good friends Devin and Haley. I adore these two. They are quite possibly one of my favorite couples. They have been together for almost 5 years. Real life high school sweethearts. Haley and I have been friends since my 9th grade year, and Sam and Devin were college roommates. Pretty cool,huh? So you can kind of guess how Sam and I met each other, so I leave that story for a later date. We sat and talked, laughed, and just had some great fellowship in the sun. 

Love, love, love him.
Same pose as Tuesday, yep.

After a fun filled beach day, we all got showered up and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and Krispy Kreme for dessert. It was delicious, as always.

Funny story about this last picture, as you've noticed we all had out hats on while we were there....well I didn't get the memo that we weren't taking the hats with us. Well I get in the car and look at Devin, no hat. Then Haley, took hers off too. Blair, nope. So I turn my head to look at Sam, and boom he kept his on too. I died laughing, we really are two of a kind. Love that man.

Any who-- It is off to work for me, then we're going to see The Avengers with the little boys I babysit tonight. Has anyone seen it? I have heard good things so far. I'll keep you posted!




  1. absolutely anything by jodi picoult. not even kidding.

    1. Is there a series? Or are they just like Nicholas Sparks' novels?

  2. I really got into Lisa Gardner's books and I believe I read all of them! I used to regularly check the top 100 free downloads, if an author is coming out with a new book soon they usually have an older book for free for a few days!


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