Saying thank you..

Happy Memorial Day everyone! May your day be full of sunshine, laughter, good food, and remembering the ones that have sacrificed for our country.

Not only is today Memorial Day, it is also my sweet cousin Lauren's Birthday, and a few days ago it was my Aunt Sue's birthday as well! They are both so special to me and I hope they have the best birthdays yet!

Meet Aunt Sue and Lala--

How gorgeous are they? Love you ladies!

Anyways-- I was skimming through Pinterest yesterday and I came across a saying that really made me do some thinking.


I realized that I don't take the time to say "thank you" for all the things that God has blessed me with. Sure, I am grateful for everything he does for me but I think it is important to breakaway from the craziness of the day, and spend some time with him. Just as you would do in any relationship, we should always show our appreciation for the beautiful lives we live. So that is what I am going to do today.

Thank you God for:

-- My beautiful family.  They always have my back and love me unconditionally. All 50 of them. :)

-- My amazingggg boyfriend, who came last night and took care of me when I got sick at 1 in the morning. I will love you forever, TK.

-- My church. I love the worship, the preaching, my 3's and 4's class I teach once a month, and all the members of the congregation.

-- All my great friends. They keep me sane, and happy.

-- The Hickman clan. I love that family.

-- My Jetta. I love love love my car. I am so thankful I am fortunate to have a vehicle.

-- My job, both of them. I know I complain about having to work sometimes, but some people don't even have one.

-- My sweet doggy, Mumble.

-- My house. I am so thankful to have a roof over my head.

-- My freedom, and all the men and women who have fought for it.

What have you thanked God for today?




  1. double yes on boyfriends who take care of you when you are sick! i love all the things you are thankful for. when you look at all of those things it is hard not to smile and see how blessed you are!

    1. Aw, thank you! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


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