hair crack, shrimp, and chicken..

Happy Tuesday! I'll have to admit my Monday wasn't bad all all. Crazy, right? Sam came home Sunday night so I had him to hang out with yesterday. It was so nice. We got up early and got breakfast. Like, 7 am early. We laid around the house and watched some T.V. and both fell asleep quickly after we sat down. We got up around 1 and went and ate lunch. I have to say, I don't really get emotional too easy but I have to share this one little thing.-- I grew up to always pray over every meal, no matter how big or small, so when our food came out to the table and he quickly grabbed my hand and bowed his head and prayed over our food, I was so touched. I am so so so blessed to have someone that shares the same importance of faith as I do. Anyways, we came home after lunch and squeezed in ANOTHER nap. He fell asleep sitting on the bed, so I laid down on the couch and passed out. It was so nice. By around 5 we started getting ready for dinner. My parents were taking my brother and I, his girlfriend, and Sam all out to eat at Myabi's Japanese steak house. I had the shrimp and chicken. So yummy. Then right after we ate we went to a famous little ice cream place called Painter's and ate dessert. After my strawberry cheesecake cone we went to Sam's parents house and hung out with them for a bit. It was a great night. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family, and a sweet sweet boyfriend that has just as awesome of a family.

Before heading out. Doesn't he look sharp?
My brother and his new girlfriend, Jen. We already love her.
Happy and full. :)

My parents. My dad is a nut.

Moving on...

I would like to take a second and let you all know about the Summertime Blogger Swap going on over at Jasmine's Reality.

I have never done a blogger swap, but it sounds like so much fun, so I'm giving it a try. You should too! To check out all the details on her page, just click the link above.

I have been super busy lately  so I haven't really been up to par on my Saturday Steals, so I will catch you up on two of my latest finds really quick today.

I tried these last week and I fell in love. They remove all your make up off your face, in one swipe. No, I am not kidding. Neutrogena make-up remover wipes are the bomb. If you don't believe me pick up a little travel pack at Wal-Mart and try them out. They leave your face feeling so smooth.

I just bought a bottle of this baby, and it is a lifesaver. It is the John Frieda moisture barrier, frizz ease hair spray. It is like hair crack. I sprayed each layer of my hair while flat ironing it, was outside in the heat all day, and my hair stayed straight and without any frizz!  I recommend it to anyone and it is only like 7 bucks for a can. Totally worth it.

That is it for today!




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