Very productive at being unproductive..

Whew, what a long it has been, but a very relaxing and much needed calm before the storm. Memorial weekend starts tomorrow and I am nothing short of certain that we will be super busy all weekend at the restaurant. Today I was very productive at doing absolutely nothing.

This was my day. Sam and I, laying out on the beach.

We met up for lunch, went to pick up S some new board shorts (and what a stud he is in them) and headed straight for the sand. Blair came and sat with us for about an hour, and we all just talked and worked on our tans. We had meatloaf, green beans, bread, mashed potatoes, pasta salad,cucumber salad dinner with my parents after we got home from the beach. It was delicious. I even ended up making a few desserts that had been repinned a billion times on my Pinterest. Monkey Bread, and Marshmallow crescent rolls. (Also called Resurrection rolls)

You can find the recipe here. Monkey Bread here.

I ate so much after dinner I could barley move. We hopped on the couch and watched this:

Katherine Heigl is my FAVORITE. I seriously love everything she has played in, especially Life as We Know It, Killers, The Ugly Truth, and 27 Dresses, just to name a few. She cracks me up. This wasn't one of my favorites, but her movies are always fun to watch.

Who are your favorite actors/actresess?

Hope y'all have had a nice day, lucky enough tomorrow is Friday!




  1. I love monkey bread! And ahhh laying out on the beach sounds so relaxing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Aw, thanks! I hope you do too! :)


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